Winter 2021/2022 



~ Clement Ngosong 

Ashesi University

The DOWA internship opportunity made me better at researching, analyzing, and summarizing information, thanks to the stewardship of my supervisors at HYBR Group.

Thanks to DOWA, I supported HYBR Group's purpose to bring real and lasting change for the African ecosystem by contributing to the research on scaling positive impact across the continent during my one-month internship with them. HYBR Group has an extensive sectoral experience and has worked all over Africa and beyond to help start-ups, ecosystem enablers, and large businesses bring the power of innovation to life for commercial and social impacts.

As a DOWA intern at HYBR Group, I was assigned research reports and articles each week to review, analyze, and summarize the findings concerning scaling. Throughout my time as an intern, I learned much about the structural macro challenges that businesses in Africa that are seeking to scale face. I was particularly impressed by how approachable and flexible the entire team HBYR was and how was each person on the team was concerned about their intern's welfare and personal growth.

A big thank you to the DOWA team for this amazing opportunity.

~ Emmanuel Maseruka

Akita International University

My DOWA internship with a venture builder company called HYBR got me in touch with my continent again. Due to the fact that I was living in Japan, and all internships I had done prior to HYBR had been in Asia which was a great experience, I felt that I was getting out of touch with the African industry.

So DOWA offered me the opportunity to reconnect with the Continent whilst skilling up on my data skills. During my internship, my supervisor was flexible and allowed me to experiment with industry-standard data management tools with a specific emphasis on developing visualizations with Tableau. This not only equipped me with industry-based experiences that would help me one year later at my current job as a Big Data analyst in the U.K but also made a significant contribution in visualizing Venture scaling opportunities helping the company to strategize on how to scale African tech startups better. 

Most importantly, from this internship, I got valuable experience working on diverse teams, improving my cross-cultural communication, and building a cross-border network of professionals within the Venture Capital space and academia. These are people I continue to connect with to date which has put my career on the  trajectory I wanted prior to joining the DOWA experience