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Summer Internship Program will run for 8 -10 weeks: Mid-June  - August.

Winter Project-Based Program will run for 4 - 6 weeks: Mid-Jan - Feb.

Partner FAQs

What type of interns does DOWA seek?

As entrepreneurs and business leaders of the future, DOWA’s interns are expected to continue contributing to the development of Africa in their respective fields by using the knowledge and experiences from the internships to develop innovative solutions for tackling Africa’s challenges. Working in Africa will help DOWA’s interns shape their thinking about the challenges in Africa and fuel the innovative solutions borne out of their understanding of the African context.

What kind of expertise can student interns offer partner organizations?

Representing a wide variety of acclaimed universities, these student interns have the benefit of learning at a higher level and applying their knowledge to real organizations with real stakeholders. DOWA looks for exceptionally bright and innovative students who are able to represent their respective universities and facilitates their introduction to our partner organizations. Each thoughtfully considered student has a specific skill set and mindset that provides value to each partner. Student interns are able to take on whichever roles are needed by the partner organization.

How does DOWA create opportunities for Africa-based interns?

A key objective of DOWA is to connect a broad network of diaspora talent to Africa. In Nigeria, DOWA is working with Nigerians in the Diaspora Commission with the aim of tapping into Nigerian talent in the diaspora who want to contribute to the development of Nigeria. Many Nigerian students who seek the opportunity to work in Nigeria are unfortunately unable to find viable avenues to do so; DOWA provides an avenue for these students. DOWA also gives the interns in the diaspora the opportunity to work with interns from Nigerian universities and exchange ideas.


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